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Water Pump Repair for Pools & Spas

If your swimming pool pump isn’t running properly you may have a suction problem, such as your skimmer or main drain is not functioning properly. Your pool pump is designed to be the heart of your pool circulation system. It’s designed to pump water from one or more such imports, push it through the filter and heater (if you have a pool heater), and then send the water back to the pool.

If you have to replace your pump, keep in mind that a bigger pump is not necessarily a better pump. The best advice, is to speak with a pool professional as to which pump is best suited for your pool. Another good tip, perhaps a bit obvious, is to simply replace your pool pump with one of the same horsepower and flow characteristics. To check and see how much horsepower your pool pump uses, it should be listed on the nameplate on the side of the pump motor. If the nameplate is no longer visible or is missing, you may be able to look up the parts using a serial number or part number.

Another plus to using a similar pump as your previous one, is that the plumbing fixtures should be similar if not the same. A common question that many consumers have, is are all swimming pool pumps the same? The simple answer is no, as many manufacturers are located worldwide. The pump motors however, are often interchangeable, meaning they are very similar from each unit to unit. Aspects of the pump that are different, include hydraulics, baskets, legs, and their overall shape.

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