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Vacumming Up Swimming Pool Debris

When vacuuming your pool there are typically two common options, the first is to vacuum the debris into your pool’s filter and the second is to vacuum debris into a leaf master. When vacuuming to the filtration system rubbish is collected from the pool or spa and caught in the basket stainer. Pool owners should regularly check that the the circulation system is running properly, ensuring everything is working correctly and that there is adequate suction from the hose.

When vacuuming your pool or spa, begin by working your way around the sides and bottom of the pool. Depending on how much dirt is in your pool, may determine how long it takes to clean it. If there is a lot of debris, you may have to vacuum at a much slower pace. Remember not to stir up the dirt, as the vacuum cannot gather dirt that is swirling around in the water.

If you find that your vacuum is losing its suction, you may need to go and empty the strainer basket or clean the pools filter before continuing. When using a leafmaster, a garden hose attached to a water supply can be used to spray out the leaf bag. As the leafmaster fills up, be sure to dump the debris into your garbage can not in an area it can dry and be blown right back into the pool.

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