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When it comes to making swimming pool repairs, it can not only be frustrating but also a bit confusing if you’re not an experienced repairman. Some fixes are simplistic, but others require that you have experience and know-how in order to quickly and effectively make the repairs. If you’re missing out on swimming due to needed pool repairs, contact Gilbert AZ Pools today for a free qu
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Replacing Swimming Pool Tiles

At one time, it seemed that just about every swimming pool used the same 6″ x 6″ blue colored tile to line the top of the waterline. In recent years, that old blue tile has been replaced with a wide variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s important to note that pool tiles are not the same as bathroom tiles, in that tiles made for pools are designed to be resistant...
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Inground Pool Skimmer Installation & Repair

A swimming pool skimmer is a time-saving device that is designed to attract floating debris into the skimmer basket before it has a chance to sink to the bottom of the pool. A skimmer is a very simple device which works above ground for the most part however there are inground vinyl liner skimmers which fit nicely into a precut hole in the side of the pool. Vinyl liner skimmers have a tab which...
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Water Pump Repair for Pools & Spas

If your swimming pool pump isn’t running properly you may have a suction problem, such as your skimmer or main drain is not functioning properly. Your pool pump is designed to be the heart of your pool circulation system. It’s designed to pump water from one or more such imports, push it through the filter and heater (if you have a pool heater), and then send the water back to the...
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Swimming Pool & Spa Heater Repair

Swimming pool heaters can sometimes be complicated and difficult to repair, meaning that this type of fix may be best left for professional. Some pool heaters are powered by natural gas or LP gas which can be hazardous and even cause an explosion if not handled carefully. If you find that your pool heater will not ignite, there are a few things to check, such as the systems which, the thermostat,...
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