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Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance Checklist

It is important to regularly check your pool cleaning equipment and maintenance system and to adjust them for small corrective problems. A good place to start is with the circulation system, do this by following the water path and if necessary remove all debris from the skimmer basket into your garbage can. From there go to the pump strainer basket and make sure that it’s completely cleaned out and check the pressure of the filter.

Remember to check the pressure after cleaning up the basket as the pressure level may be affected from debris caught up in the basket. If you find that your pressure is higher than normal, your pool filter may need to be cleaned too.

If you have a pool heater, you will want to check this for debris as well. To do so, turn your heater on and off a few times to make sure that it is working properly. While your heater is operating, turn off the water pump, and check for any pressure issues. If the heater shuts down by itself, this could indicate that pressure from the pump has decreased.

The next thing you should check if the clock for your timer, including the times you have set for your filters and cleaners to run. It’s important to check your timers as they may have reset with the power outage or energy surge. The final thing you should check for any leaks or other equipment you might have that might not be working properly. Remember to keep leaves and any other debris that might be gathering away from your filter, as this may cause a fire or cause your equipment not to run properly.

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