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Swimming Pool & Spa Heater Repair

Swimming pool heaters can sometimes be complicated and difficult to repair, meaning that this type of fix may be best left for professional. Some pool heaters are powered by natural gas or LP gas which can be hazardous and even cause an explosion if not handled carefully.

If you find that your pool heater will not ignite, there are a few things to check, such as the systems which, the thermostat, making sure the pump is running with clean filters, the gas valve, the pilot light, gas supply valve, plumbing and filter valves, or any type’s plumbing that may have been installed.

If your pilot light won’t light, this could be because you have a low gas pressure, improper ventilation, and/or an inadequate air supply. Be sure to check that the gas is probably turned on and that your propane tank, if using one, has gas in it.

If your pool is not heating to the temperature that you desire, your thermostat may be simply set too low. If after checking the thermostat you still find that your water temperature is not hot enough, you may have a heater that is too small for your pool, the outside temperature is to low, or there is a problem with the gas supply unit.

If you heater is leaking water, this may be because there is some sort of chemical or sanitizer damage. Also damage caused from a freeze during winter can cause pipes to leak when they are first used again in the spring time. Be sure to check for a gasket leak or any loose connections if you see any water leakage.

If you’re heater is emitting a dark exhaust or has a blackened top, may have to adjust your gas pressure, air supply, or ventilation system. It is also a good idea to check with the pool heater’s owner manual for specific installation requirements.

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