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Swimming Pool Plaster Refinish

Swimming pool plaster, also referred to as whitecoat or Marcite, is an age-old process used to create a watertight seal underneath the water. Most of the time, pool plaster will last for 20+ years, this of course is under ideal conditions. All pools will slowly lose their plaster surface, it’s just a matter of time before your pool will need a fresh coat of Marcite.

If your plaster has shading variations, also known as mottling, you may be seeing surface stains and deposits that let off a grayish hue. Mottling occurs in the large majority of pools, very few pools will maintain a milky white finish for more than a few months after being built.

If you have stained plaster, this is different than mottling as stains are usually localized and a distinctive color separate than that of the plaster’s finish. Most commonly plaster stains across from mineral deposits from metals and other materials which make their way into your water.

Common metals found in pool water include calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, and manganese. If your plaster has crystalline deposits, your pool has precipitated the metal salts out of the solution. When this takes place, areas of the pool plaster commonly become rough or scaly. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for repairing this type of damage, such as using an acid wash, scraping or sanding the damaged area to be refinished, or the use of a chemical known as Hydroquest, which can remove calcium deposits.

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