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Swimming Pool Filters

Cartridge swimming pool filters aren’t typically used for underground pools, but are commonly found in many spas and above ground pools. The cartridge filter is an aquatic version of the pleated air cleaner in your automobile designed to capture air particles 25 to 100 microns in size. To remove dirt from the cartridge it’s removed from the tank and hosed down thoroughly from top to bottom with a high pressure hose. Every time you clean your cartridge pool filter its usability is reduced ever so slightly.

It is good idea to replace your cartridge every 2 to 5 years or more often if your pool gets a lot of dirt in it. You shouldn’t have to clean your filter for at least six months at a time. A diatomaceous earth swimming pool filter, also known as a DE filter is designed to trap dirt particles between 3 and 5 microns, this is far smaller than the human eye can see. Similar to a sand filter, the DE filter will indicate when it needs to be backwashed through a pressure gauge. Often cleaning will take place when the gauge reads 8 to 10 pounds higher than its normal operating reading. After conducting a backwash it is important to add DE filter powder by pouring it into the skimmer directly.

You should also conduct an annual breakdown of the filter and thoroughly clean the grids with a hose. A sand swimming pool filter is specifically designed to trap dirt particles that range between 20 and 100 microns. When your pressure gauge reads 8 to 10 pounds over its normal cleaning range, your pool is ready for a backwash to dump the dirt out of the filter. Swimming pool professionals recommend that you replace the sand in your filter roughly every seven years. If you find that your filter needs to be backwashed more than two or three times a month, your sand bed may be what is referred to as mudballed or calcified due to too much calcium deposit buildup.

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