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Swimming Pool Coping Repair

Swimming pool coping is the capstone for the beam which is used to fill the pool’s edge and bring it up flush with the pool decking. Apple coping comes in pretax concrete with a bulldozed front edge that has been the standard in the industry for many decades. Modern pool designs are also using the bulldozed brick coping in many different colors and textures to give customers more options.

Another popular choice for modern swimming pools is to use a flagstone. Arizona’s own Frank Lloyd Wright created the first cantilever deck which extends over the edge of the pool and is somewhat of a free-floating pool deck these types of pools do not typically have coping stones. A pool that has a vinyl liner has their coping attached to the wall in a C-shaped manner. Most vinyl liner pools and pools with cantilever decks do not require caulking of expansion joints, simply because there are none.

Replacing the pool coping with vinyl liner pool can be complicated, requiring professional assistance, as the concrete deck is poured into the coping in the liner may not be attached to the track – a part of the plastic coping. If you have to have your coping replaced, the typical cost for this procedure is about $25 per linear foot. If you have bullnose brick your costs they go up a few more dollars as this may be a custom job.

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