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Suction Side Cleaners for Your Pool

Suction side cleaners are automatic pool cleaners that are designed to automatically run throughout the day. The cleaning head is attached a suction hose that in turn is attached to your pool’s plumbing fixture and sucks out the dirty water to be cleaned by the filter and then returned into the pool. Some pools have more than one suction port, in this case simply attach your suction side cleaner to one of those ports, often there is one port that is designed for skimmer use and another one that is designed for a separate vacuum.

When your suction cleaner is properly attached and your pool pump is running, suction is automatically created on the underside of the cleaner. The cleaner then moves randomly around your pool and automatically sucks up debris that winds up on the bottom of the pool. As your suction side cleaner moves around, debris travels up to the neck and through the hose and up into the suction port, which is then caught by the filter pump and left in the strainer basket. Smaller debris may pass through the filter, but this can be prevented by making adjustments to the hose or the unit itself to regulate the flow volume.

Robot pool cleaners are self-contained electric cleaners that are put into the pool when a cleaning is needed. There are several popular brands on the market, most of which use a transformer that is plugged into a wall unit with a 50-foot cord that plugs into the transformer. There are several advantages to owning a robot cleaner, such as they have a self contained filter that is easily cleaned, they can cover a lot of surface area, and some are even computer chipped for better control. There are even some models on the market that have remote controls so that you can steer your unit to clean up specific debris that may have formed at the bottom of your pool. A plus to having a robot pool cleaner, is that they do not use the pool’s circulation system and they produce little resistance and back pressure to the pool’s filtration system.

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