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Replacing Swimming Pool Tiles

At one time, it seemed that just about every swimming pool used the same 6″ x 6″ blue colored tile to line the top of the waterline. In recent years, that old blue tile has been replaced with a wide variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

It’s important to note that pool tiles are not the same as bathroom tiles, in that tiles made for pools are designed to be resistant to frost, ice damage, and chipping. Pool tiles are great accent pieces used to make a pool look unique, so if you have to replace your pool tile, be sure to pick a color and/or a design that compliments your backyard decor. Without lining your pool’s water line with this special tile, you would end up with a water ring similar to one commonly found in a bathtub.

Some vinyl liner pools will not have a tile finish, but it can be added using special hangers. If your tile is falling off, this could be because of a low quality bonding agents, improper installation, were simply the age of your pool. A cracked beam will typically lead to tiles being cracked themselves or even breaking off. If a cracked beam is the problem, be sure to fill in crack with pool caulking to ensure the expansion between the joints is properly filled.

If your tile has fallen off, and has not been damaged, you should be able to replace the tile using a waterproof grout. Before doing so, it is important to fully remove any existing grout from the tile or pool wall backing.

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