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Pool Deck & Cover Cleaning

When it comes to deck and cover cleaning for either your pool or spa, be sure to try and remove as much debris as possible before taking the cover off. The best approach is to sweep off any dirt or leaves that may have gathered but using a hose is also a good alternative as this will remove the fine dirt particles as well.

If you are using a pool cover that doesn’t have a rolling system and that floats over the water, be sure to store this in a clean dry place and folded neatly. Failure to do so, may end up getting your pool dirty when you go to put the cover back on. If using a mechanized cover system it’s okay to get a small amount of water on this as it will just roll off as the cover-up begins to roll up.

If there is a great amount of water pooling on the cover top, you may find your motor unable to pull all that weight in. In this circumstance you should remove as much water as possible prior to rolling up. On the same note, watch out for sharp objects or stones that may cause a tear in your pool cover before you begin to roll it up.

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