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Inground Pool Skimmer Installation & Repair

A swimming pool skimmer is a time-saving device that is designed to attract floating debris into the skimmer basket before it has a chance to sink to the bottom of the pool. A skimmer is a very simple device which works above ground for the most part however there are inground vinyl liner skimmers which fit nicely into a precut hole in the side of the pool.

Vinyl liner skimmers have a tab which is used to fasten the unit to the wall of the pool. The faceplate is screwed onto the skimmer, holding the pool liner between the rubber gaskets in place. From there a pipe fitting is through the bottom of the skimmer and a rigid flexible is clamped to a threaded adapter piece. From there, the pipe is connected to the pool filter pump.

Some inground pool skimmers do not have a faceplate, they are attached to a specific part of the pool’s beam and set in concrete. Most inground skimmers are equipped with two ports at the bottom of the unit would allow the pool builder to connect a water suction port. The second port is typically used to connect a second skimmer; however, the second port for most swimming pool’s skimmers is not in use.

Both of these types of skimmers have many similarities, such as they are both made of ABS plastic, both come in above and below ground models, and they have a skimmer basket, skimmer lid, and skimmer weir. For safety reasons, it’s important to always keep the lid on your skimmer, otherwise someone a step in the hole and seriously injured themselves and it’s even possible for a small child to fall and land headfirst into the hole.

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