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How to Maintain Your Pool’s Water Level

Water as we know he evaporates in the heat, so it’s a good rule of thumb to add about an inch of water every time you maintain your pool. Waiting until your water level is more than an inch or two below its proper level, may cause you to spend more time filling your pool than you should have to.

Remember never to leave your pool filling up by itself unattended, as you may forget to turn off the water, running up your water bill. If you find that your pool has too much water in it, perhaps after a rain, you can use a submersible pump and a pack wash hose or a spare vacuum hose to help get rid of the excess water.

Some tools will allow you to run the pool circulation system and adjust the valves to get rid of extra water. If you choose this option, be sure to set the valves back to the normal setting after use.

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