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Swimming Pool Filters

Cartridge swimming pool filters aren’t typically used for underground pools, but are commonly found in many spas and above ground pools. The cartridge filter is an aquatic version of the pleated air cleaner in your automobile designed to capture air particles 25 to 100 microns in size. To remove dirt from the cartridge it’s removed from the tank and hosed down thoroughly from top...
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Swimming Pool Coping Repair

Swimming pool coping is the capstone for the beam which is used to fill the pool’s edge and bring it up flush with the pool decking. Apple coping comes in pretax concrete with a bulldozed front edge that has been the standard in the industry for many decades. Modern pool designs are also using the bulldozed brick coping in many different colors and textures to give customers more...
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Suction Side Cleaners for Your Pool

Suction side cleaners are automatic pool cleaners that are designed to automatically run throughout the day. The cleaning head is attached a suction hose that in turn is attached to your pool’s plumbing fixture and sucks out the dirty water to be cleaned by the filter and then returned into the pool. Some pools have more than one suction port, in this case simply attach your suction side...
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Caulking a Pool’s Expansion Joints

Back in the day just about every pool was built with expansion joints between the coping in the pool deck, which was filled with caulking – an elastomeric sealant – roughly 30 days after the concrete was poured. Your expansion joints are important aspects of the pool’s design and integrity. It’s important to keep debris out of these joints to ensure that you have true...
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