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Green Algae Pool Cleaning 6-step Process

Green algae is unsightly and really detracts from the enjoyment of owning and using a swimming pool. You quickly know that you have a green algae problem when it causes your swimming pool water to turn a nasty dark green color. This is due to a moss-like bacterial substance that clings to the pool walls and gradually mixes into the water. If you want to get rid of green algae, it is...
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Vacumming Up Swimming Pool Debris

When vacuuming your pool there are typically two common options, the first is to vacuum the debris into your pool’s filter and the second is to vacuum debris into a leaf master. When vacuuming to the filtration system rubbish is collected from the pool or spa and caught in the basket stainer. Pool owners should regularly check that the the circulation system is running properly, ensuring...
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Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance Checklist

It is important to regularly check your pool cleaning equipment and maintenance system and to adjust them for small corrective problems. A good place to start is with the circulation system, do this by following the water path and if necessary remove all debris from the skimmer basket into your garbage can. From there go to the pump strainer basket and make sure that it’s completely cleaned...
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How to Maintain Your Pool’s Water Level

Water as we know he evaporates in the heat, so it’s a good rule of thumb to add about an inch of water every time you maintain your pool. Waiting until your water level is more than an inch or two below its proper level, may cause you to spend more time filling your pool than you should have to. Remember never to leave your pool filling up by itself unattended, as you may forget to turn off...
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Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning & Repair

It is important to clean the tiles in your pool prior to vacuuming debris from the bottom as the dirt that falls from the tiles will end up at the bottom of the pool. If you find that you have stubborn stains, try using a pumice stone to break down dirt. There are tile soaps and brushes designed specifically for pool maintenance and cleaning. Simply add pool cleaning soap to your brush and go...
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Swimming Pool Surface Cleaning

Surface skimming is probably the most common activity performed when cleaning a swimming pool. On any given day it is common to find dirt, leaves, and other debris floating on the top of the water. Removing floating debris is typically done using a telepole and leaf rake, and is usually much easier than cleaning debris that has sunk to the bottom of the pool. As your net fills with debris,...
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